Friday, September 3, 2010

Writer Tess Gerritsen

Do book reviewers treat female writers differently than male writers? And which should mean more, anyway: praise from the New York Times Book Review, or avid fans?

Tess Gerritsen:

We commercial authors don’t need the Book Review, but the Book Review needs us. It needs our publishers to buy ad space. Yet fewer and fewer publishers seem inclined to shell out the thirty thousand bucks to buy a full-page Book Review ad. When my publisher and I were discussing the promotional campaign for my latest book, Ice Cold, there was no discussion at all about buying ad space in the Times, even though they’d done it for my prior books. And I agreed with them that buying an ad in the Book Review is a waste of money. Why?

Because readers who buy commercial novels like mine don’t even read the Book Review any more. It’s become that irrelevant to their lives.

Listen to internet radio with The Casting Couch on Blog Talk RadioTess is the bestselling author of 22 books, including eight titles in the Jane Rizzoli/Maura Isles series. The Rizzoli/Isles series is now a show on TNT starring Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander. For Canadian viewers, Rizzoli & Isles will debut on October 5.

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  1. I gotta say I am surprised the show is a smash hit. I guess you can't argue with it's success even if the plots are predictable.

    My assessment of this summer's cable TV